Promotion of physical activity among youths follows in the exchange of Cities for Sports the questions:

1. How can the concept of sport be developed so that it can be successful in
    all-day school structures?

2. How can we reach the target group – young people?

Helpful approaches for answering are listed in the member area (see left).


Special features of sport and exercise offers for adolescents

Adolescents are in a special phase of life, somewhere between childhood and being “grown up”. Their idea of sports and exercise changes, as do their needs. Many clubs that were once the most important sports source during childhood notice the pinch as the sports biography of many people ends in their youth – what we call the “drop-out syndrome”. These young people are looking for more attractive, adventure-oriented offers. Challenging and comparing themselves with others is, especially for young men, a vital factor in the maturity process and for finding their place in society. Here competitive sports play an important part. For many youths lifestyle sports, such as skate-boarding, BMX or parkour are not only modern types of exercise, but also a means of expressing their own particular fashion style or taste in music. Sport offers for adolescents must therefore be targeted and geared to meet the needs of the young people. Sports for youths are constantly changing, new sports pop up and others disappear.

In the exchange within the Cities for Sports we are always looking for suitable sports and exercise programmes for youths.