Co-funded by the European Union under the Preparatory Action in the field of sport 2012


Co-funded by the European Union


The EU funded project Fit for Life Europe is a project in cooperation between six European communities (the Cities of Limoges, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Warsaw, the Regional Government of Extremadura and the University of Bologna with the City of Cesena and partly the City of Bologna) that aims at making more older citizens ‘fit for life’.


Initially, the project partners are taking into account scientific findings on health-enhancing physical activity for elderly people and discussing European approaches. On this basis, targeted intervention measures are planned, implemented and evaluated through a cross-sectoral network, keeping in mind the local circumstances.


The main objective of the partners is to develop together a ‘local HEPA Framework for elderly in European cities and regions’. This framework should comprise an actionplan with European benchmarks (‘what to do?’) and a toolbox with best practice examples (‘how to do it?’) taking into consideration eight different fields of activity. This state-of-the-art framework should provide an answer to key questions on planning, implementation and sustainable maintenance of an all-round concept for physical activity promotion among elderly in European cities and regions. This way European local stakeholders can benefit from the experience in implementing such measures and gain access to comprehensive information in this database