HEPA-Framework - learning more

The HEPA-Handbook with the complete collection of the HEPA-Toolbox was presented on the "Fit for Life" conference in Stuttgart, March 19th 2014.

Download your HEPA-Handbook (pdf, 5 MB)

Fit for Life Conference 2014 - Presentations: Speaker and Workshops

TUESDAY, March, 18th

Dr. Monika Köster: GESUND AKTIV ÄLTER WERDEN - Das Programm der Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA) (6,4 MB)

Prof. Alfred Rütten: Physical activity promotion for older people (4,3 MB)

Prof. Hopman-Rock
: Do we have a blind spot for the importance of physical activity in older people? A struggle for healthy living (2 MB)

WEDNESDAY, March 19th

Prof. Clemens Becker: Geriatric aspects of healthy ageing 2,5 MB

Prof. Dawn Skelton: Exercise to Prevent Falls - Practical Implementation 2,6 MB

Dr. Antonio Borgoni: Healthy Ageing in the city 26 MB

Prof. Michael Kolb: Bewegtes Altern in der Stadt 3,2 MB



Senior Fitness Test 2 MB