New EU funded project in cooperation with 6 Cities for Sports: Fit for Life Europe

The encouragement of exercise for elderly in European cities and regions is going ahead. Fit for Life Europe is a project in cooperation between six European communities (the cities of Limoges, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Warsaw, the Regional Government of Extremadura and the University of Bologna with the City of Cesena and partly the City of Bologna) that aims at making more older citizens ”fit for life”.

The main ambition is to keep fitness and health of elderly, so that they consequently can provide themselves and abide quality of life as long as possible. We are very pleased about the European Commission´s selection to fund our project. Within the framework of the project the involved partners start in January 2013 to develop practical solutions to promote physical activity considering the requirements of older people. In February 2013 the first partner meeting will take place in Stuttgart. In the following year each city will collect local practices and develop pilot models in every city that lead to small interventions. The developed and tested approaches will be summed up in a HEPA (Health enhancing physical activity) action plan. The project "Fit for Life Europe" corresponds to the emphasis that was decided on our first network meeting of cities for sports in 2011: Physical activity promotion of elderly.

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