The network for European knowledge exchange in sports development

Cities for Sports connects European cities and local organisations in terms of promoting everyday exercise within their sphere of influence. Cities for Sports delivers information about five areas of actions:

Area of Action 2: Youth

Area of Action 3: Adults

Area of Action 5: Spaces

Official presentation of the HEPA-Handbook for older people

The HEPA-Handbook with the complete collection of the HEPA-Toolbox was presented on the "Fit for Life" conference in Stuttgart, March 19th 2014.

The Conference was organised by the State Capital Stuttgart in cooperation with the University of Bologna, the Regional Government of Extremadura and the cities of Limoges, Rotterdam and Warsaw and the Robert-Bosch-Hospital.

Download your HEPA-Handbook (pdf, 5 MB)



Network meetings in Copenhagen

01.11.10 |

Different stakeholders from the city administration of Copenhagen have met several times since the project has started.» more

Review of the Confernce 'Active Cities - Active Children' now online

22.10.10 |

The Conference took part on 30 September and 1 October 2010» more

3rd pan-hellenic conference of early childhood educators of the Athens Municipal Crèches and Child Care Centers

21.09.10 |

The Athens Municipal Crèches and Child Care Centers (DBA), after the decision of the Chairman, Mrs Hera Valsamaki, and the Board of Directors, organizes the Pan-Hellenic Conference of Early Childhood Educators entitled: “Physical Education and Sports Culture for the Children of European Cities, Important Factors for the Promotion of their Health and Holistic Development”.» more

Pan-hellenic drawing competition for preschool children

21.09.10 |

Children drawing for sports - what do children associate with physical activity and sports? The Athens Municipal Crèches and Child Care Centres invite children to print for it.» more

Convince more municipalities of the successful physical activity programme of Athens

26.07.10 |

Aiming the creation of a Pan-Hellenic network, Athens got in contact to the childcare centres of all Greek municipalities through the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece (KEDKE). » more

Spreading the ideas in Scandinavia

01.07.10 |

Copenhagen talked to the other nordic capitals about existing projects and approaches on the nordic capital meeting on June 2-4, 2010. The Best-Practice-Examples will be find in our database soon.» more

Extension of the successful programme in Athens

21.06.10 |

Athens extends its programme» more

Third Round Table on the topic ‘promotion of children’s physical activity’ took place in Stuttgart

14.06.10 |

The third round table again gave new impulses for common actions and a lots of information about existing approaches» more

Successful Partner Workshop in Stuttgart

17.05.10 |

How can daily exercise of children be promoted? What do successful measures focus on? Which measures can be extended and applied to other cities in Europe? Which programmes are concentrated with physical activity among children? These were just a few questions discussed during the partner workshop in Stuttgart, which was also enriched by the participation of Jacob Kornbeck, representative of the European Commission. » more

Cities for children

29.04.10 |

Presentation of the project "You need exercise" on the annual conference "Cities for children" (» more


29.04.10 |

Friday, 30 April first testing of children» more

Exercise programme

29.04.10 |

Stuttgart is setting up an exercise programme for children in kindergarten aged 3 to 6.» more


14.04.10 |

Round Tables for a better co-operation throughout the city» more


14.04.10 |

Implementing 'You need exercise!'» more

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