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Best-Practice Beispiele Europas zur Bewegungsförderung bei Kindern

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Sports School (DK)

In connection with the “Skills for Everyone” program, focus was brought to creating profile schools in the City of Copenhagen. One of these schools, Bellahøj School, is a sports school.» weiterlesen

Move@School (DK)

Move@School began in 2006-2007 as a pilot project where seven schools with 2,000 participating children worked to: • Increase free play and organised games during breaks through implementing “play patrols” and improvement of school playground facilities. • Introduce break gymnastics during class time. • Increase movement and practical experience as educational methods in the schools. » weiterlesen

Sports and Interaction (DK)

Sports and Interaction is an exercise campaign for Copenhagen schoolchildren. With guidance from a project manager, students in grades 1-5 can participate in sports activities at their local school every day between 2 pm and 6 pm. » weiterlesen

Go-Active (DK)

Many children stop moving when they enter their teenage years. This is especially true when it comes to socially disadvantaged children. The Go-Active health project focuses on these children, and its purpose is to promote physical activity and growth among children in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen. » weiterlesen

Neighbourhood sports complex (DK)

Studies indicate that distance to sports facilities plays a major role in terms of athletic participation for both children and adults. When children in particular are not physically active, the reason cited is often distance to sports facilities (neighbourhood principle).» weiterlesen

The City’s Green Pulse (DK)

The City’s Green Pulse is a green walking and running route for use by all citizens of Copenhagen. The city established the first of several exercise and experience routes around the city in 2008. The routes are collectively known as “The City’s Green Pulse” and serve to connect parks and green areas, starting with Nørrebro, the Northwest area and Bronshøj. The routes take users through quiet streets and roads with limited car traffic and lead to the city’s green and blue oases. » weiterlesen

Purzelbaum - bewegter Kindergarten (CH)

Kinder bewegen sich gerne. Diese Bewegungsfreude will das Projekt Purzelbaum im Kindergarten erhalten und das Thema Ernährung mit einbeziehen. Das Projekt wurde im Kanton Basel-Stadt 2004 entwickelt und dann in einem Coaching nach Zürich, Bern und St.Gallen weiter gegeben. Seit 2009 hat RADIX (Kompetenzzentrum für Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention) die Multiplikationsrechte des Projekts "Purzelbaum" und coached somit alle 16 Kantone bei Ihrer Umsetzung.» weiterlesen