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Best-Practice Beispiele Europas zur Bewegungsförderung bei Kindern

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Summercamp (DK)

Summercamp consists of activities during the school summer holidays initiated by the City of Copenhagen in co-operation with local associations, community centres, libraries, humanitarian NGOs and others for children and youngsters in two districts in Copenhagen. Summercamp’s target group consists of approx. 7,500 children. » weiterlesen

Association Guides (DK)

The Association Guides project is managed by the Danish Refugee Council and the City of Copenhagen, and funded by the Ministry of Integration, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the city’s own funds (Brobygningspuljen).» weiterlesen

Integration Partnerships (DK)

Integration Partnerships is a cooperation between the City of Copenhagen and six football clubs, one martial arts association and one association exclusively for girls (with swimming, dancing, theatre etc.). » weiterlesen


The joy of movement is at the core of the DGI Greater Copenhagen PLAY project.» weiterlesen

Physical Activity (GR)

Das vom Municipal Crèche and Childhood Center Athen initiierte und betreute, sehr erfolgreiche Programm zur Bewegungsförderung bei Kindern läuft seit drei Jahren in einigen Kindertagesstätten in Athen. » weiterlesen

Development Fund (DK)

5 million DKK has been earmarked for initiatives that encourage children and youth under the age of 25 to join athletic clubs to do organised sports. Support for large and small projects can be sought within the following areas: • Projects that become sports clubs during the project period. • New activities in existing clubs. • One-off events to recruit new children and youth to the club. • Recruitment of volunteer leaders, trainers and instructors under the age of 25. • Special focus as determined by the General Education Board. For 2010 the special focus areas are as follows 1) projects for children and youth with special needs, 2) street-based projects and 3) club-based fitness. » weiterlesen

Sports Day-care (DK)

In connection with the Children and Youth Administration adopting the “Skills for Everyone” approach, the administration also initiated a project focusing on exercise and movement known as Sports Day-care. » weiterlesen