Das Netzwerk "Cities for Sports"

verbindet Europäische Städte und lokale Organisationen beim gemeinsamen Ziel der Bewegungsförderung im Alltag.

Handlungsfeld 2: Jugendliche

Handlungsfeld 3: Erwachsene

Handlungsfeld 4: Senioren

Handlungsfeld 5: Räume

Kongress "Fit for Life"- Präsentation HEPA-Handbuch

Vom 18. bis 19. März 2014 fand im Stuttgarter Rathaus der EU-Kongress „Fit for Life – Bewegungsförderung von Älteren in europäischen Kommunen“ statt. Dabei wurde das HEPA-Handbuch als Leitfaden mit Praxisbeispielen vorgestellt. 

Der Kongress wurde organisiert von der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart in Kooperation mit der Universität Bologna, der Region Extremadur und den Städten Limoges, Rotterdam und Warschau sowie dem Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus Stuttgart.

Download HEPA-Handbuch (pdf, 5 MB)

European Commission introduces new programme to support sports

12.12.11 |

“Erasmus for everyone” is the name of the new EU programme that financially supports the European cooperation in sports. » weiterlesen

The network “Cities for Sports” assembled 26 European cities and institutions on the first meeting.

21.10.11 |

About 40 participants discussed about their experiences and upcoming challenges in the field of physical activity promotion. » weiterlesen

25 participants from 7 different countries have already registered for the first „Cities for Sports“-convention at 10|20|2011 in Stuttgart!

29.09.11 |

The organization team is looking forward to the founding. The agenda is promising and demanding at once. » weiterlesen

Evaluation of Preparatory Actions in the Field of Sport from the European Commission published

27.09.11 |

The European Commission published an evaluation report on present findings and conclusions on the first two years of implementation of Preparatory Actions in the field of sport. » weiterlesen

More best practice examples

02.09.11 |

After the end of the life span of the EU project „You need exercise!“ the stated work still has to be continued. The care of the best practice database has in particular high priority. Use the database, get inspired for own programmes by the ideas of others and submit more best practice examples for the whole network!» weiterlesen

Become member of the network Cities for Sports now!

24.08.11 |

Learn more about objectives, methods and organisation of the network - the new information brochure helps you. » weiterlesen

Recent article on the network cities for sports

29.06.11 |

in the playground@landscape magazine» weiterlesen

Conclusion of the project phase and submission of the final report

18.05.11 |

The final report of the project was delivered to the European Commission in March 2011.» weiterlesen


22.02.11 |

The results and guidelines of the EU project ‚You need exercise!’ were presented in the frame of the EU Sport Forum in Budapest, 21 February – 22 February 2011. » weiterlesen

Guidelines – revised version

22.02.11 |

A new version of the 28 Guidelines for municipalities on promoting children’s physical activity was issued by the five partner cities. The Guidelines are as of now available, read» weiterlesen

Network Cities for Sports soon to be expanded

22.02.11 |

Only several months after a letter of interest for participation in a European city network had been sent out, more than 60 European cities expressed their interest. » weiterlesen

Practical guidelines on their journey throughout Europe

30.11.10 |

The objective is to jointly optimise the guidelines in a European exchange and, so to speak, they have been sent on a journey through the European municipalities. » weiterlesen

Fourth Round Table on the topic 'promotion of children's physical activity' took place in Stuttgart

29.11.10 |

It was the last Round Table during the project phase - but all participantes agreed about the continuation.» weiterlesen

Second round table on the topic Community in Rotterdam

04.11.10 |

Experts from different companies together with the health and sports department discussed the possible collaboration on the new to start developments in the programme Lekker Fit!» weiterlesen

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