Results of the project "You needexercise!"

European conference "Active Cities - Active Children"

The Project "You need exercise!"

connects European cities and local organisations in terms of promoting everyday exercise in children's life.

Partner cities for "You need exercise!" are Athens, Copenhagen, Innsbruck, Rotterdam and Stuttgart.


With the treaty of Lisbon sport has become a policy field in the European Union. It is planned that 2014 there will be a sport support programme which will be comparable to other support programmes. At present the existing projects in the frame of the ‚preparatory action in the field of sport’ support the planning of the sports programme. ‘You need exercise!’ is one of the projects of the preparatory action. In the view of the municipalities the project gives practical and proven approaches for a promotion of children’s physical activity in Europe.

Description of the project


Time frame: 01.01.2010 - 31.01.2011

Problem statement

In the under eight-year phase of a child’s life the important basis for a lifelong culture of sport is established. By adopting sports enjoyment and multifaceted sports capacity in younger years, phases without exercise could also be compensated. Institutions like sports associations, kindergartens and primary schools do an important work to build a culture of sports in early years. Anyhow there are a lot of children who do not get an infantile sports education. Furthermore there are many children who show abnormalities of movement, this is a starting-point of our project.

Description of the project

‘You need exercise!’ is a network project of five cities financed by the European Commission. The objective of the project is to identify, use and provide all project partners with the most successful approaches to promote a culture of human motion for children in the various European municipalities.


  • Strategic planning and the implementation of measures to promote the health of young European citizens
  • Impact of best practices on the curricula of the national vocational training systems for sports clubs, schools, kindergartens
  • Sustainable exchange of best practices and experience via open online communication. The results of the project can be used at all times by other European municipalities
  • Drawing up policy recommendations for players by developing a guideline for the promotion of physical activity of children in everyday life: based on the existing EU directives for physical activity


  • Survey and identification of networks and best practices within the cities: kindergartens, schools, social assistance office, youth welfare office, health authorities, local hospitals and the sports office
  • Demonstration of the support of sport and its implementation in daily life.
  • Working on first basic approaches for creating a culture of everyday movement
  • Establish a European best practice database; online and accessible for all


  • Insert own experiences and to benefit from the other cities experiences.
  • Compile solutions with the partners
  • The background is deeply praxis-oriented and one pre-condition is the practicability
  • All the proposals can be absorbed, adapted and implemented
  • Achieve an European overvalue by working together all over Europe
  • Due to the open approach every municipality or institution can access the results and use them for their further development. The findings may be utilised without registration.

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