In the framework of the EU funded project ‘You need exercise!’ a platform was established to support the municipalities Athens, Innsbruck, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Stuttgart in their interchange on cross-sectoral approaches. The project with its aim to promote children’s physical activity showed the necessity of such an exchange, especially among municipalities in order to learn about successful measures. With the help of the project’s online database municipalities were able to get to know the best ideas in Europe and to participate in the exchange. The project cities of ‘You need exercise!’ agreed that the professional exchange has to be continued and further expanded. Herewith the notion of a city network ‘Cities for Sports’ on the basis of the established structures as well as additional contacts from various other networks was being reinforced.


Time frame: 01.01.2010 - 31.01.2011

Problem statement: In the under eight-year phase of a child’s life the important basis for a lifelong culture of sport is established. By adopting sports enjoyment and multifaceted sports capacity in younger years, phases without exercise could also be compensated. Institutions like sports associations, kindergartens and primary schools do an important work to build a culture of sports in early years. Anyhow there are a lot of children who do not get an infantile sports education. Furthermore there are many children who show abnormalities of movement, this is a starting-point of our project.

Description of the project: ‘You need exercise!’ is a network project of five cities financed by the European Commission. The objective of the project is to identify, use and provide all project partners with the most successful approaches to promote a culture of human motion for children in the various European municipalities.

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