Kinder-Sport-Sonntag (Sports Sunday for Kids) - Lörrach (DE)

With Kinder-Sport-Sonntag the Youth, School and Sport Department of the City of Lörrach has set up a new exercise and prevention project for all children between the ages of seven and twelve.


The aim is to offer the children more opportunities for exercise and movement especially in winter. Since most sports clubs don’t offer so much on a Sunday, this project is an alternative to the lazy Sunday afternoons in front of the computer or television.


Team games, dexterity and coordination games and just room for movement make it possible for the children to test their strengths and skills. What’s more, valuable social competencies such as fairness, equal opportunities, following rules and dealing with competition can also be trained. There is another positive side effect of playing together: communication and intercultural understanding among the children from different backgrounds.

Target group

The offer is directed towards girls and boys from various backgrounds between the ages of seven and twelve.


Every Sunday afternoon the City of Lörrach opens its gym between 13:30 h and 16:30 h. A dedicated and specially trained team offers a multi-sided programme with exercise sites, team sports, dancing and lots of games.


Participation is free of charge for everyone – no membership necessary. The project is sponsored by the Community Foundation


The pilot project was initially from November 2009 to March 2010.


7 - 12


November 2009 till March 2010

Target group

open Offer

Possibility of transfer



Personnel costs

Amount of Children

Duration per Exercise

Period of exercises

once a week



Luisenstraße 16, 79539 Lörrach





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