MOVE – Exercise lessons for children with special needs - Zurich (CH)

MOVE is an offer of the City of Winterthur within the framework of voluntary school physical education. With MOVE the City of Winterthur is specifically promoting children who have to date not taken much exercise and have special needs.


The target of MOVE is to make it clear that movement means fun, to give children the opportunity of gathering experience with exercise, of getting to know their own body better and being able to boost their self-confidence.


The focus is on encouraging coordination abilities and sport-motor skills. Using various forms of games, reactions and the sense of balance are also trained, mobility fostered and stamina trained. Basic movement skills such as rope skipping, throwing and catching balls or doing a somersault are also part of the training.

Target group

This offer is directed at selected first-grade children from primary schools in the City of Winterthur, who showed special needs after a test of sport motor skills carried out by the ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich).


The children with special needs are specifically selected and are instructed by qualified sport teachers or kinesitherapists and given motivation for more exercise. The courses take place once a week after school and are offered at various locations and on different days.


The project MOVE is financed by the City of Winterthur within the scope of the voluntary school P.E. programme. The parents make a contribution to the costs.


7 - 10


Target group

Primary School

Possibility of transfer

Don't know


Personnel costs

Amount of Children

Duration per Exercise

Period of exercises

once a week



Pflanzschulstrasse 6a, 8402 Winterthur





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