Kindergarten Kids in Bewegung (Kindergarten kids on the move) - Saarland (DE)

"Kindergarten Kids in Bewegung" is an initiative of the State Sport Association in Saarland and is supported by the Ministry of Education. Every year a limited number of cooperations between the sports clubs and kindergartens are promoted. The initiative is supervised by sport scientists at the Saarland University.


The aim of this measure is the promotion of fitness and coordination skills. Under the motto “healthy kids = healthy adults” the children should gather experience in physical exercise and movement. In this way the typical posture and exercise deficits and uncertainties caused by a lack of opportunities for movement should be counteracted.


The focus is on the promotion of popular sports and health and not on an athletic-specific, competitive advancement among children.

Target group

The project is directed at child day-care facilities and sport clubs, since these are both confronted with the increasing deficits in the motor skills of children. Both kindergartens and sport clubs have the competencies that can be combined and complement each other when it comes to the topic: children, movement, playing and sport. Particpating in Kids in Bewegung gives the children the opportunity of getting to know a sports club, which will remain a stable contact point well beyond their kindergarten days.

Realisation and Financing

Apart from the targeted further training measures and public relations work for the child day-care facilities and sports clubs, the clubs are also financially supported for carrying out at least one weekly, one-hour exercise session in local kindergartens. The main focus of the movement programme is on playful exercise promotion appropriate for children.


In May 2003 the State Sport Association of Saarland (LSVS) sponsored the pilot project Kindergarten Kids in Bewegung – Cooperation between Sports Clubs and Kindergarten (KIB). This project has been running throughout Saarland since May 2009; 30 individual cooperations between sports clubs and kindergartens are now in place.


3 - 6


Since 2003

Target group


Possibility of transfer



Personnel costs

Amount of Children

Duration per Exercise

Period of exercises

once a week



Hermann Neuberger Sportschule 1, 66123 Saarbrücken





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