Zugvogel [Migratory Bird] (A)

The project 'ZUGVOGEL' is about conveying the appreciation of nature and the various possibilities of movement in nature to children (3rd and 4th grade primary school) as well as to help them to live a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved by means of three theme hikes per year that are all about the topics of movement, team building and nature.


The objective of project “ZUGVOGEL” is to prevent overweight in children. Possibilities of how to reduce weight effectively without losing the fun of eating as well as possibilities of how to find joy in exercising in nature are being demonstrated.

Main focus

Exercise in nature, team building and natural history.

Target group

3rd and 4th grade primary school children


ASVÖ Upper Austria (project leader), ASVÖ Tirol, ASVÖ Salzburg, ASVÖ Vorarlberg


Austrian Sports Ministry


since 2009


7 - 10


Seit 2009

Target group

Primary School

Possibility of transfer


Personnel costs

Amount of Children

Duration per Exercise

Period of exercises

once a year



Fallmerayerstraße 12, 6020 Innsbruck





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