Projekt gewichtig! in rundum gesund [“weighty!” project within “all-round health”] (DE)

The “gewichtig!” obesity prevention project is an initiative run within the framework of the “rundum gesund” health promotion programme for children and young people in the Rhine district of Neuss. The project focuses not only on aspects of “exercise”, but also on the subjects of “healthy eating” and “mental health” as part of a holistic approach. The following childhood obesity prevention measures are provided for children’s day care centres and primary schools in the Rhine district of Neuss: Fitness Olympiad (motor-skills tests in day care centres and schools), healthy eating and drinking (advice on nutrition in day care centres and schools), Hüpfdötzchen – Kindergarten in Bewegung [Hüpfdötzchen – Kindergarten on the move] (encouragement of physical activity in day care centres), Leichter fühlen [Feeling lighter] (training for parents on the emotional needs of children), wir sind stark [we are strong] (positive handling of stress for children in primary schools).


  1. Normal motor skills development in 93% of children in the Rhine district of Neuss by 2013 (2007: 87.5%).
  2. Normal behavioural development in 95% of children by 2013 (2007: 91%).
  3. Normal weight in 90% of children by 2013 (2007: 11.7% overweight, 8.7% underweight).

Main focus

Diet, exercise and mental health are the three themes that underpin the contents of schemes within the gewichtig! obesity prevention project.

The following measures are being carried out:

  1. Team training programmes for nursery staff and teachers relating to the issues of diet and exercise, with practical suggestions for application in children’s everyday lives
  2. Training for nursery staff and teachers in differentiated methods of observing and encouraging exercise by means of a motor skills test
  3. Targeted advice for catering and domestic staff in various institutions on providing balanced meals
  4. Courses to improve parenting skills
  5. Consultations with school doctors to aid integration into primary school

Target group

The target groups are children, families, teachers, educators and other personnel, including catering and domestic staff. The main focus is placed on children’s day care facilities and primary schools, although measures are also being implemented in secondary schools. Here, particular attention is given to establishments in districts with symptoms of social disadvantage.


The implementation of the project is being coordinated by the health promotion/health planning department in collaboration with the children’s and young people’s health service in the Rhine district of Neuss. Individual measures are implemented in the establishments in partnership with various specialist institutions (e.g. Institut für Ernährung (Institute of Nutrition), medicoreha Neuss and ISGP-Institut für Seelische Gesundheit und Prävention e.V. (ISGP Institute for Mental Health and Prevention), Düsseldorf). This ensures that scientific findings feed into the practice-based framework of the project.


The project is financed by funding from the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (until 30.06.2011), BKK - Landesverband NORDWEST, IKK, Barmer GEK, Knappschaft, Janssen - Cilag and capital resources. Each establishment also makes a contribution of €50 – 150 per scheme.


2006 to 2013.


3 - 10


2006 - 2013

Target group

Kindergarten, Primary School

Possibility of transfer


Personnel costs

Amount of Children

Duration per Exercise

Period of exercises

three or more times per week



Oberstr. 91, 41460 Neuss





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