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Integration Partnerships (DK)

Integration Partnerships is a cooperation between the City of Copenhagen and six football clubs, one martial arts association and one association exclusively for girls (with swimming, dancing, theatre etc.). The projects are based on the employment of one staff member in each organization. Their job description is to initiate an integration process through out-reach work and the development of new activities. One object of their work is to secure the continuation of the initiated integration process after termination of the partnership project. This takes place after 3 years.» more

Association Guides (DK)

The Association Guides project is managed by the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Refugee Council, and funded by the Ministry of Integration, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the city’s own funds (Brobygningspuljen). At the moment 8 groups of volunteer guides operate in 8 out of 10 districts in Copenhagen. This project is self-driven and rooted in the local area and local committee, which is also responsible for costs associated with the project. All guide groups refer to the Danish Refugee Council on the same terms as other volunteer groups.» more

Summercamp (DK)

SummerCamp is a range of activities during the school summer holidays initiated by the City of Copenhagen in cooperation with local associations, community centres, libraries, humanitarian NGOs and others for children and youngsters in two districts in Copenhagen. Summercamp’s target group consists of approx. 6.500 children. In 2010, DKK 1.5 million was paid to 40 different associations who arranged 94 activities mainly in the fields of sport and culture over 6 weeks in the summer holiday. At season’s end, the participating children are contacted at school by SummerCamp staff and guided to appropriate associations if they show interest in an activity. In 2008-2009, 300 children were guided and even more children found their own way to a desired activity.» more

Kitas bewegen - getting things moving for good and healthy day-care centres (DE)

This project of the Bertelsmann Foundation aims at improving the education and health opportunities of children. It supports child day-care facilities in their development process for providing a good and healthy environment for learning, working and living. It creates a basis for a thriving development – and social participation – of the children.» more

PAKT - Prevention through activity in Kindergarten Trial (DE)

A cooperation between the University of Würzburg Clinic and kindergartens in the region is to get more movement into the everyday life of children and their parents.» more

JUMP! Promoting exercise - Ratingen (DE)

JUMP! is a sports and exercise project of the City of Ratingen. This project is based on the Düsseldorf model and shows various possibilities of doing sports and exercise, which have a positive impact on the health, exercise and sport situation of the children in Ratingen.» more

Kindersportschulen (Children’s Sport Schools [KiSS]) (DE)

The Kindersportschule takes up on the idea of children’s gymnastics with the aim of providing all children with a basic physical education regardless of the type of sport. The Children’s Sport Schools are supported by the Swabian Gymnastics Association (STB). There are 80 certified Children’s Sport Schools throughout Germany, 70 of which are based in Baden-Württemberg.» more

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