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Sports and Interaction (DK)

Sports and Interaction is an exercise campaign for Copenhagen schoolchildren. With guidance from a project manager, students in grades 1-5 can participate in sports activities at their local school every day between 2 pm and 6 pm. Activities are initiated and led by the older students (grades 8/9). Educating these students to train their younger schoolmates is performed at DGI Greater Copenhagen. The purpose is to increase the options for children and youth for exercise, while making physical activity a natural part of their everyday life, and helping them to strengthen their social network. The project began in 2002 in two schools located in Kongens Enghave. It was implemented as a partnership between the schools, Healthy City and Kvarterløft, as well as local sports clubs. ISA is...» more

Move@School (DK)

Move@School is aimed at getting Copenhagen schoolchildren to become more physically active during school hours – and not just in the designated hours of sport. The goal is to promote their health, growth, education and development, as well as the social environment at school. Move@School began in 2006-2007 as a pilot project where seven schools with 2,000 partici-pating children worked to: Increase free play and organised games during breaks through implementing “play pa-trols” and improvement of school playground facilities. Introduce break gymnastics during class time. Increase movement and practical experience as educational methods in the schools. Currently 30 schools are participating in the project. Move@School is part of the City of Copenhagen’s exercise strategy...» more

Sports School (DK)

In connection with the “Skills for Everyone” program, focus was brought to creating profile schools in the City of Copenhagen. One of these schools, Bellahøj School, is a sports school. The sports stream is made available to students who compete in sports on a high level and wish to develop their talent while attending school. At the same time the school has focused on the dissemination of sport and movement for general education at school. The sports stream provides students with the possibility to: 1. Develop their skills within their chosen sport in partnership with qualified trainers who work with their own sports club, 2. Train in their sport while attending school and developing academically, 3. Develop in an envi-ronment that demonstrates understanding for the importance their...» more

Sports Day-care (DK)

In connection with the Children and Youth Administration adopting the “Skills for Everyone” approach, the administration also initiated a project focusing on exercise and movement known as Sports Day-care. The project was supported by the national fund for the improvement of day-care quality. The overarching concept behind the project is that more institutions ought to have a “Sports” profile which thus becomes one of the educational focus areas – as well as within other school subjects. The project encompasses 14 nurseries, day-care centres, integrated institutions and youth rec-reation centres selected from a group of 27 applicants. The selected institutions implemented a training program consisting of change management training for leaders, year-long training for all staff members,...» more

Development Fund (DK)

App. DKK 5 million a year has been earmarked for initiatives that encourage children and youth under the age of 25 to join athletic clubs to do organised sports. Support for large and small projects can be sought within the following areas: Projects that become sports clubs during the project period. New activities in existing clubs. One-off events to recruit new children and youth to the club. Recruitment of volunteer leaders, trainers and instructors under the age of 25. Special focus is determined by the General Education Board. For 2010 the special focus areas are as follows 1) projects for children and youth with special needs, 2) street-based projects and 3) club-based fitness. » more

Physical Activity (GR)

The highly successful programme to encourage physical activity among children initiated and overseen by the Municipal Crèche and Childhood Centre in Athens has been running for three years in the city’s own children’s day care facilities.» more


The joy of movement is at the core of the DGI Greater Copenhagen PLAY project. The main purpose of PLAY is to establish a wide range of athletic teams for overweight children in and around the Greater Copenhagen area. Together the teams represent a wealth of fun sports activi-ties on land and in water - and all of the activities are characterised by their focus on play. The project receives financial support from Culture and Leisure with financial assistance from the Development Fund.» more

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