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Club Fit 4 Utrecht; Sportservice Midden Nederland (NL)

Club Fit 4 Utrecht is a program for overweight children and their parents. Over 12 weeks, the children follow a weekly training by a sports teacher. Fun in sport and exer-cise is key, while the children playfully learn about healthy eating. The parents are six times along the course and get an educator and dietician about healthy nutrition and education. The courses take place in a gym in the neighbourhood. The courses are designed for children aged 4-16 years divided into the categories 4-8, 9-12 and 13-16 years.» more

Sport Scores! (NL)

Sport Scores! is a programme to stimulate sports activity for children at primary schools in all districts of the city of Utrecht. Children at primary school, between 7 and 12 years old, are introduced to different types of sport and sport associations. The for-mula consists of a short inner school offer (1-3 lessons) to get acquainted with sport, followed by an outer school course and finally rounded up by a meeting in the more deprived districts. Or followed by an activity meeting, usually a mini-tournament (in other districts). » more

optiSTART - An optimal start to school through diet and exercise (DE)

optiSTART - "An optimal start to school through diet and exercise" is a pilot project funded by the BMELV (within the framework of "kinderleicht-Regionen"), which has been run since 2006 by Leipzig local health authority, in partnership with the faculty of educational science at the university, and based in child day care facilities and schools in Leipzig. Apart from the children themselves, the main focus of the project is on educators (staff in day care centres and after-school care, teachers) and parents.» more

Schoolsportvereniging Rotterdam (school sport club Rotterdam) (NL)

The school sport club is a solution in urban areas in which children are not able to practice sports frequently. Children from those areas are being offered four to six forms of sports in the school’s direct neighbourhood right after school. These sports are be-ing given by instructors of regular sports clubs from, preferably, nearby areas. After a trial period, which is free of charge, the kids are able to join the regular sports club and competition, while the trainings location is still based in the neighbourhood. A coordina-tor is being appointed for each school sport club. He or she is the connecting link be-tween the school, the organized sport, the child and his parents.» more

De Haagse Sporttuin / The Sport Garden The Hague (NL)

The “Schilderswijk” in The Hague where the sport garden situated is an area of atten-tions, a former area where the ceiling of income of habitants has been the lowest in The Netherlands for a few years ago. In this area a beautiful multifunctional outdoor open play area has been realised in 2005. Children of nine primary schools and other young children from the neighbourhood are given the opportunity to participate in sports activities that are organised in The Sport garden. The sports accommodation is being exploited in a unique way, there is collaboration between these nine primary schools, fourteen sports clubs, welfare organisations, a housing corporation, the po-lice, and several habitant organisations to make sure that lots of children weekly par-ticipate in sport activities on a...» more

Project Lekker Fit! (NL)

Excessive weight among children is a health problem which is on the increase worldwide. In Rotterdam, 25% of the children are overweight, and a large number of the children get too little physical exercise. This leads to great health risks. The project Lekker Fit! (translates to; ‘enjoy being fit’) sees to it that healthy behaviour is once more becoming a matter of course. Lekker Fit! is engaging in the struggle against excessive weight and lack of exercise among primary-school pupils aged from 4 to 12 years. The core of the project is the stimulation of a healthy lifestyle. The power of Lekker Fit! is its integral approach. Municipal services (in the spheres of Sport, Education, Health, and Planning) and schools, sports associations and dieticians are working together in order to...» more

LIBa "Besser essen. Mehr bewegen." ("Eat better. Exercise more.") (DE)

Over 20 network partners have implemented 7 flagship projects containing over 50 individual measures in the Barleben-Magdeburg region. Intervention was centred mainly around 10 pilot establishments (children’s day care facilities and schools). A family centre has been set up as a regional centre of expertise for nutrition and exercise and a wholefood kitchen installed to provide motivation for children’s day care centres, schools and families. Further measures: promotion of daily exercise, upgrade of sport and exercise provision, installation of an outdoor play area, implementation of environmental education campaign to encourage sustainable eating habits and a preventive model to provide support and advice for young families in conjunction with routine medical check-ups.» more

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