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Fit mit Koordi (A)

Förderung der koordinativen Fähigkeiten bei Jugendlichen.» more

Schwimmfix Viernheim [Swim fix Viernheim] (DE)

The Schwimmfix scheme is a partnership project run by Viernheim primary schools, Viernheim clubs and the Viernheim town administration. It is aimed at all children in Year 2 who are not yet able to swim. These children are also offered a free swimming course on top of regular swimming lessons.» more

Projekt gewichtig! in rundum gesund [“weighty!” project within “all-round health”] (DE)

The “gewichtig!” obesity prevention project is an initiative run within the framework of the “rundum gesund” health promotion programme for children and young people in the Rhine district of Neuss. The project focuses not only on aspects of “exercise”, but also on the subjects of “healthy eating” and “mental health” as part of a holistic approach. The following childhood obesity prevention measures are provided for children’s day care centres and primary schools in the Rhine district of Neuss: Fitness Olympiad (motor-skills tests in day care centres and schools), healthy eating and drinking (advice on nutrition in day care centres and schools), Hüpfdötzchen – Kindergarten in Bewegung [Hüpfdötzchen – Kindergarten on the move] (encouragement of physical activity in day care centres),...» more

Paderborner Adipositas Prävention und Intervention (PAPI) [Paderborn Obesity Prevention and Intervention] (DE)

Network structures have been set up and developed under the slogan “Unbeschwert aufwachsen im Kreis Paderborn” (Growing up carefree in the Paderborn district) to serve the aim of creating living conditions for children that are conducive to their good health over the long term. The main objective of PAPI was a reduction in rates of obesity among children. Innovative and effective strategies and structures for prevention (preventive measures) and intervention (countermeasures) have been developed for this purpose. The eating patterns and exercise habits of children are shaped by their environments. They are dependent on educational goals and measures on the part of adults. In the light of this, all the people who play a significant role in the lives of children, such as parents, nursery...» more

GoHo bewegt sich [GoHo on the move] (DE)

Pilot scheme GOHO BEWEGT SICH. Sponsor: Schöpfrad e. V. Promotion of healthy lifestyles and participation among children in a district of Nuremberg. The project is taking place in Nuremberg, Bavaria. The project is designed to reach children between the ages of 0 to 11 years.» more

aks schoolwalker (A)

Schoolwalker is a programme designed to increase daily physical activity among primary school children. The pupils are encouraged to walk to school by collecting points on a schoolwalker card (Schulwegausweis) for distances covered on foot. The project is non-prescriptive, so communities and schools have a high degree of flexibility in its implementation and focal points in terms of general educational themes (health, environment and climate protection, traffic safety…). Key factors in the success of the project are the close links between school and community, together with aks Gesundheitsvorsorge in its role as a consulting partner during implementation.» more

Gesund sind wir stark! [Healthy we are strong!] (DE)

ZAGG ( has spent the last 4 years running a facilitator project for people of a Turkish-Arab migrant background. Around 100 health trainers and mentors run advice sessions and training programmes within the scope of their professional activities (midwives, public health service, voluntary project workers and so on).» more

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