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Tennis & Fun (A)

In cooperation with the Tyrolean Tennis Association, the ASVÖ organizes an event for all children aged six years or older - no matter if they posses previous knowledge of tennis. On tennis courts all over the country professional trainers, by means of three tennis- and animation stations, are coaching children. As a highlight, a sport club from a different sport is invited and offers a show program as well as test training.» more

Sportkids (A)

Sportkids is a kindergarten project. At the beginning of a kindergarten year a multifaceted sport-test is being held and results are being registered. After that, weekly exercise units with qualified instructors take place .At the end of the year a retest is carried out to show and document improvements. In the course of a parent-teacher conference parents are made aware of the importance and the impact of exercise.» more

ASVÖ Leichtathletik Grand Prix [Track and field Grand Prix] (A)

The “ASVÖ LEICHTATHLETIK GRAND PRIX” is an age-based combined event for all primary-school children in Tirol, in the course of which basic movement abilities such as running, throwing, jumping – the basic requirements for all sports – are being promoted. The goal is to bring track and field athletics to the fore in gymnastic classes and to get the joy and fun of movement across to children.» more

Kinderleicht aktiv (A)

In the course of this project lectures are being held for parents of kindergarten- and primary-school aged children. The topics of the three different lectures are: healthy snacks, traditional and simple games with little or no raw materials and supplies needed and tips on what can be done if a child does not like sports. How can one show a child that exercise is fun? Workshops for children are also offered in addi-tion to the first two topics.» more

Kinder gesund bewegen [The title addresses children, movement and health] (A)

"Kinder gesund bewegen" is a national project initiated by the Austrian Minister of Defense and sports, Norbert Darabos. It provides all Austrian elementary schools as well as kindergartens (approximately 8,000 institutions) with 10 movement units for free. Needless to say, participation is voluntary. » more

ASVÖ Familiensporttag [Family sports day] (A)

The ASVÖ Tirol organises two family sports days per year in the course of which sports clubs from a specific region may present themselves. Children, juveniles and their parents are being offered an op-portunity to take a first look at different sports as well as to inform themselves about different sport offer-ings.» more

UGOTCHI - Punkten mit Klasse (A)

„UGOTCHI – Punkten mit Klasse“ is a nationwide initiative that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and playful sport activity for children aged 6 – 10 years. It started 2006 and since then over 160.000 children and about 50% of all Austrian elementary schools have taken part.» more

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